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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
Conferences and summits

EuroHPC Summit 2024

The EuroHPC Summit 2024 took place on 18-21 March in Antwerp, Belgium.

The EuroHPC Summit 2024 convened from the 18th to the 21st of March at A Room with a Zoo in Antwerp, Belgium.

This years' Summit attracted over 700 participants, with more than 650 individuals attending in person. Participants joined the event from 45 different countries, coming from all over Europe, but also further afield, including the United States and Brazil. Diverse stakeholders from across the European HPC ecosystem, including policymakers, industry representatives, researchers, students, and tech start-ups, contributed to the dynamic discussions and exchanges.

Central to this year's Summit were discussions on exascale and post-exascale computing, artificial intelligence (AI) for HPC, and quantum computing. The programme featured an extensive array of topics, including international collaboration, the integration of industrial players and SMEs within the EuroHPC ecosystem, energy efficiency in HPC, and a fully packed session on advancements in European chip initiatives for HPC.

The Summit programme featured both plenary sessions for high-level discussions and parallel sessions for more technical topics. Attendees, both onsite and online, actively participated in Q&A sessions, contributing insightful questions and perspectives. Plenaries were live-streamed to facilitate online engagement, while offline parallel sessions offered opportunities for informal and spontaneous exchanges.

Education remains a cornerstone of the EuroHPC JU's agenda, and the EuroHPC Summit is an opportunity to make the link between future and current HPC professionals. In this context, EUMaster4HPC students, from both the first two cohorts, once again actively participated as HPC Ambassadors, manning the EuroHPC Demo Lab, providing assistance in logistics, but also meeting the community and sharing their insights as the up-and-coming HPC generation. Notably, the Summit culminated in a final plenary dedicated to education, highlighting the experiences of EUMaster4HPC students and recognising their achievements in an HPC challenge utilising EuroHPC supercomputers.

Returning for the second time, the EuroHPC Demo Lab provided an immersive space for live demonstrations conducted by the HPC Ambassadors. Supported by EuroHPC hosting entities, the demos showcased the capabilities of EuroHPC supercomputers while fostering engagement and knowledge exchange, bridging the gap between novices and experts in the field.

Beyond the programme's content, the Summit facilitated community building and networking opportunities. A fast-paced career fair provided students with the chance to connect with industry professionals across various domains, nurturing future talent and fostering industry connections.

Additionally, the EuroHPC private members, BDVA, ETP4HPC, and QuIC, played a pivotal role in contributing to the programme and hosting networking drinks, creating additional avenues for stakeholders to engage in informal discussions and collaborations.

As we reflect on the EuroHPC Summit 2024, it is rewarding to see that the event continues to grow in size but also in significance within the EuroHPC community. 

The success of the Summit owes much to the active participation and engagement of the EuroHPC community, reaffirming its crucial role in advancing European HPC initiatives. 

Next year's event will take place in Poland, stay tuned for more details coming soon!

All Powerpoint presentations from the Summit are currently available in the Programme tab of the EuroHPC Summit website. The livestreams from each EuroHPC Summit Plenary are available under the Replay tab.

  • high performance computing
  • Monday 18 March 2024, 12:00 - Thursday 21 March 2024, 18:00 (CET)
  • Belgium


Monday Presentations

18 MARCH 2024
18.03.24 13h30 - Opening Plenary
18 MARCH 2024
18.03.24 16h00 - Converging Horizons: Synergising Quantum and HPC for Future Technologies
18 MARCH 2024
18.03.24 17h00 - Challenges in HPC after Exascale

Tuesday Presentations

19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 9h30 - EuroHPC Systems: Current Usage, Anticipated Needs and Future Challenges
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 9h30 - International Cooperation: Wat's Next?
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 9h30 - Co-Designing the Future of European HPC: Eco-friendly Technologies, Systems and Software
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 11h30 - Where Industrial AI and HPC Meet: Benefits, Requirements, Barriers
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 11h30 - How Does One Define an "Energy Efficient" HPC System? From Data to Action
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 11h30 - Centres of Excellence: Deploying Flagship Codes on EuroHPC Supercomputers​
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 15h15 - PLENARY: Leading the Way in European Supercomputing: Opportunities and State of Play of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking
19 MARCH 2024
19.03.24 17h15 - PLENARY: EuroHPC Users: How Are They Exploiting the Current EuroHPC Systems & Will Exploit Future Exascale Capabilities?

Wednesday Presentations

20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 9h00 - Extreme Scale Applications: Benefits For Europe
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 11h00 - European Industrial HPC Resources: Needs & Opportunities
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 14h - Enabling SME and AI Communities to Grow and Scale Up with HPC
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 14h - Industrial and Academic Usage of Quantum Computers
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 14h - European Chip Initiatives for HPC (Part 1)
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 16h30 - European Chip Initiatives for HPC (Part 2)
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 16h30 - Interconnecting EuroHPC Supercomputers for Scientific and Industrial Advancement
20 MARCH 2024
20.03.24 16h30 - Destination Earth: Challenges of Implementing Digital Twins on EuroHPC HPC Systems

Thursday Presentations

21 MARCH 2024
21.03.24 9h - What are the future skills needed for HPC? How to embrace the latest technological innovations?

Practical information

Monday 18 March 2024, 12:00 - Thursday 21 March 2024, 18:00 (CET)
A Room with a Zoo, Antwerp