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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

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MaX - MAterials design at the eXascale

MaX is centered around quantum simulations of materials and therefore contributes to information technology, green energy, health, supporting experimentation at large-scale, and manufacturing.

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CEEC - Center of Excellence for Exascale CFD

CEEC focuses on engineering, aeronautic, and atmospheric engineering topics such as shock- boundary layer interaction and buffet on wings at the edge of the flight envelope, high fidelity aeroelastic simulation, topology optimization of static mixers.

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HiDALGO2 - HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Challenges

HiDALGO2 develops applications for simulations of the air quality in urban agglomerations, energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy sources, wildfires, and meteo-hydrological forecasting using computational fluid dynamics, high-performance data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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ChEESE-2P - Center of Excellence in Solid Earth

ChEESE-2P covers earth science with a focus on earthquakes, seismic, tomography, tsunamis, magnetohydrodynamics, physical volcanology, geodynamics, and glacier hazards. Those topics are addressed by artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulation, uncertainty quantification, neuronal networks.

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Plasma-PEPSC - Plasma Exascale-Performance Simulations Centre of Excellence

Plasma-PEPSC supports plasma science, focusing on magnetic confinement fusion, industrial plasmas, medical applications, basic plasma experiments, plasma accelerators, laser-plasma interactions, high energy density physics/ laboratory astrophysics, space physics, and astrophysics.

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