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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
Press release29 June 2022European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking3 min read

Introducing the EuroHPC Projects Info Pack, available in 10 languages

From the initial 29 research projects currently managed by the EuroHPC JU, this Projects Info Pack highlights nine that are improving citizens’ quality of life, advancing science, and boosting the innovation potential of European enterprises.

visual of a supercomputer surrounded by its application area: health, earth observation, climate, industry, agriculture, research

A central objective of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is developing innovative, homegrown and sustainable HPC technologies, such as the development of a low-power microprocessor (EPI SGA2), a platform for users to submit complex simulation requests to HPC data centres (HEROES), and a unique incubator for quantum-HPC hybrid computing (HPCQS).

Another objective of the EuroHPC JU is to develop applications, algorithms and software to be run on the supercomputers by public and private users. These include drug design (LIGATE), disease modelling (MICROCARD) and aerospace engineering (NextSim), as well as energy, climate research and more.

A third objective is to develop the skills needed to widen the use of HPC for a larger number of public and private users, wherever they are located in Europe. EuroCC is creating a network of national HPC Competence Centres to ease access to European HPC opportunities in different sectors, while FF4EuroHPC supports SMEs which want to benefit from the use of HPC services to develop innovative products and services. Finally, EUMaster4HPC has set up a pioneering pan-European HPC Master of Science programme to educate the next generation of HPC experts across Europe

Currently, five EuroHPC supercomputers are operational in Bulgaria, Czechia, Finland, Luxembourg and Slovenia. The construction of an additional three supercomputers is under way in Italy, Portugal and Spain, with more systems planned for the near future. The investment delivered by the Joint Undertaking is of critical importance in developing a world-class supercomputing ecosystem in Europe, which will boost European competitiveness and innovation, and improve the quality of life of European citizens.

The Projects Info Pack provides more details on these nine EuroHPC JU projects. The brochure is now available in English, French, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Slovenian. This is the result of a collaboration between CORDIS and the EuroHPC JU. CORDIS is one of the cornerstones of the European Commission's strategy to disseminate and exploit research results from the projects funded by the EU's framework programmes for research and innovation.

Find all the brochures in each different language below:

28 APRIL 2022
Leading the way in European Supercomputing - A projects info pack by CORDIS (EN)
28 JUNE 2022
Начело на европейските суперкомпютърни системи – Брошура Projects Info Pack от CORDIS (BG)
28 JUNE 2022
Vedoucí postavení v oblasti evropských superpočítačů – Brožura Projects Info Pack služby CORDIS (CS)
28 JUNE 2022
Dem europäischen Supercomputing den Weg weisen – Ein Projects Info Pack von CORDIS (DE)
28 JUNE 2022
Marcar el camino de la Supercomputación europea – Projects Info Pack de CORDIS (ES)
28 JUNE 2022
Euroopan edelläkävijät superlaskennassa – CORDIS Projects Info Pack (FI)
28 JUNE 2022
Pour une Europe leader du Supercalcul – Un Projects Info Pack par CORDIS (FR)
28 JUNE 2022
Spianare la strada al supercalcolo europeo – Un Projects Info Pack a cura di CORDIS (IT)
28 JUNE 2022
Liderar o caminho europeu da supercomputação – Projects Info Pack do CORDIS (PT)
28 JUNE 2022
Prevzemanje vodilne vloge na področju evropskega superračunalništva – Brošura Projects Info Pack službe CORDIS (SL)


More details

More information on all EuroHPC JU projects is available in the section Ongoing projects of our website.

About the EuroHPC JU

The EuroHPC JU was created in 2018 and reviewed in 2021 by means of Regulation Council Regulation (EU) 2021/1173. 32 European countries are currently taking part in the initiative and pooling their resources with the EU and private partners to enable the EU to become a world leader in supercomputing.

The mission of the EuroHPC JU is to develop, deploy, extend and maintain an integrated world-class supercomputing, quantum computing and data infrastructure in the EU and to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative supercomputing ecosystem.


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29 June 2022
European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking