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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
Press release7 February 2024European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking2 min read

EPICURE: A new R&I project is launched by the EuroHPC JU

Giving emphasis to the user support services, EPICURE is set to ameliorate this offering by establishing and operating European-wide high-performance computing application support service.


On 1 February 2024, the EuroHPC JU launched a new project, EPICURE, resulting from the call DIGITAL-EUROHPC-JU-2022-APPSUPPORT-01. The project aims at improving the user support services for successful applicants to the  EuroHPC JU systems access calls.   

Currently, the responsibility to provide support services to awarded projects lies with the Hosting Entities of the EuroHPC JU supercomputers, which are the facilities that host and operate the supercomputers. These services include help-desk support for daily operational issues and problems (Level 1).  

The EPICURE project will establish Application Support Teams (ASTs) in current and future EuroHPC Hosting Entities. These will encompass application porting, optimisation and scalability improvements. In addition, EPICURE will also organise specialised training, events and workshops in the context of high-profile European HPC events. These services will be extended to awarded projects which have secured access to the supercomputers through the EuroHPC JU's peer-review process.  

As a central component of EPICURE, a European HPC Application Support portal will be developed, serving as a single point of contact for users across the public and private sectors, including SMEs. This portal will provide comprehensive information on EuroHPC systems, their architectures, access mechanisms, and the range of support services available. 

The EPICURE project has been allocated a budget of €10 million, with a contribution of € 5 million (50%) from the EuroHPC JU. The duration of the project will be 48 months.  

More details 

More information on the ongoing EuroHPC projects is available in the section ongoing projects of our website. 


The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is a legal and funding entity created in 2018 to enable the European Union and EuroHPC participating countries to coordinate their efforts and pool their resources with the objective of making Europe a world leader in supercomputing.   

In order to equip Europe with a world-leading supercomputing infrastructure, the EuroHPC JU has already procured nine supercomputers, located across Europe. No matter where in Europe they are located, European scientists and users from the public sector and industry can benefit from these EuroHPC supercomputers, which rank among the world’s most powerful.  

In parallel, the EuroHPC JU is funding an ambitious research and innovation projects to develop a full European supercomputing supply chain: from processors and software to applications to be run on these supercomputers and know-how to develop strong European HPC expertise. In January 2024 the EuroHPC JU launched another project focusing on the training of European HPC User.  


Publication date
7 February 2024
European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking