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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

THOR - Towards the cHaracterization of large scale cORrugations in shock/boundary-layer interactions

Awarded Resources (in node hours)
Karolina GPU
System Partition
7 July 2023 - 6 July 2024
Allocation Period

The project investigates the characteristic frequencies and length-scales of wall pressure fluctuations inswept shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interactions in the presence of cylindrical symmetry, based on analysis of a direct numerical simulations database. Whereas most of the existing studies rely on a baseline 2D configuration, the present study aims at extending scaling law for the typical low frequency content for more complex flows where the impinging shock is not orthogonal to the incoming flow.

Furthermore, the projects will investigate the effect of the spanwise domain extension, in order to observe and characterise large scale corrugations of the reflected shock. The societal impact is clear since the presence of SBLI may lead to significant drawback on aerodynamic performance of aircraft, yielding loss of efficiency of the aerodynamic surfaces, unwanted wall pressure fluctuations possibly leading to structural vibrations, and localized heat transfer peaks, especially when extensive flow separation occurs.

Thus, a correct prediction of the space-timescales of the phenomenon would open new avenues for improving aerodynamic efficiency and structural responses of the vehicle, leading to lighter aircraft and reducing fuel consumption.