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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)


REGALE (An open architecture to equip next generation HPC applications with exascale capabilities) aspires to define an open architecture and build a prototype system in order to equip supercomputing systems with effective resource utilisation

Regale Project Logo

With exascale systems almost outside our door, we need now to turn our attention on how to make the most out of these large investments towards societal prosperity and economic growth.

REGALE aspires to pave the way of next-generation HPC applications to exascale systems. To accomplish this, the project defines an open architecture, builds a prototype system and incorporates in this system appropriate sophistication in order to equip supercomputing systems with the mechanisms and policies for effective resource utilisation and execution of complex applications.

REGALE brings together leading supercomputing stakeholders, prestigeous academics, top European supercomputing centres and end users from five critical target sectors, covering the entire value chain in system software and applications for extreme scale technologies.


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