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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

Fortissimo Plus (FFplus)

FFplus (Fortissimo Plus) promotes innovation and competitiveness in industry, especially for SMEs, by facilitating access to cutting-edge technologies such as HPC and AI.  


Building on the experience and proven success of FF4EuroHPC, FFplus will contribute to the ambition of EuroHPC to facilitate the uptake of HPC in the industry sector.  

The FFplus project will offer European SMEs the opportunity to develop a significant range of entirely new products and services that will boost European competitiveness. It will do so by providing financial support, facilitating access to EuroHPC resources, and offering expert guidance in technical, business development and outreach activities.  

The project aims at identifying, funding and support sub-projects through six open calls, focusing on two different goals: 

  1. Uptake of HPC by SMEs to address specific business challenges 

  1. Adoption of large scale HPC resources for the development of generative AI models. 

The FFplus project will also generate success stories that are a key vehicle to accelerate the broader take-up and awareness of HPC by SMEs in Europe.