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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

EXCELLERAT P2 - The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications

EXCELLERAT P2 contributes to engineering use cases, manufacturing, energy, and mobility, e.g., aircraft, rotors, emissions, aero-dynamics, and aero-acoustics.


EXCELLERAT P2 continues the fruitful partnership of Europe’s leading HPC centres, application specialists and supporting partners who have worked with and offered their expertise and knowledge to engineering companies and researchers from across industry and academia for the past three decades.

A key strength of EXCELLERAT P2 is that it will build on the achievements of EXCELLERAT P1, including the available service portal as a baseline for impact and awareness creation. Furthermore, the critical mass, knowledge and expertise of Europe is re-united and extended by additional experts, to continue the Centre of Excellence, which will span the whole domain of engineering – ensuring that innovations produced are applicable to other engineering challenges, that co-design is handled properly, that success stories are created and distributed, all in all to support best the European HPC strategy. EXCELLERAT P2 will base its evolution and developments on six chosen use cases, requiring the full range of HPC usage profiles, from small scale capacity type applications, all the way to hero run type large scale applications.

The advancements the use cases as well as further applications will make beyond the state of the art, as well as the results, which will be derived by the execution of the use cases and the further applications, will have a clear impact in Europe. EXCELLERAT P2 (and the brand) strives to show the contribution of HPC, HPDA and AI in engineering to a low-carbon, more environmentally friendly and socially responsible product development and manufacturing as well as the mobility and energy sector.

The holistic view of EXCELLERAT P2 to the usage of HPC (and HPDA and AI) is needed,if engineering applications shall be supported to increase the European competitiveness. Thus, the developments done in EXCELLERAT P2 will increase the European competitiveness in HPC-applications, hardware-design and HPC-service provisioning to a new level.


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