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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
Call for proposalsClosed

Innovation Action in Low Latency and High Bandwidth Interconnects

The objective of this call is to support the R&I technology development of innovative and competitive European HPC inter-node interconnect technology.


Publication date
1 August 2023
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
31 January 2024, 17:00 (CET)


The selected proposals will have to:

  • Develop a roadmap for European scalable inter-node interconnects targeting HPC exascale and post-exascale systems. The roadmap should take into account the EuroHPC supported work in this area such as the components being developed in the EuroHPC RED-SEA project  as well as in the area of processors and accelerators.
  • Develop the inter-node interconnect hardware addressing design, development, testing and tape-out as well as integration in test-beds. The work should foster synergies with the EuroHPC supported work in the area of processors and accelerators.
  • Develop the software, installation, configuration and management tools for the developed interconnect, driven by the needs of relevant HPC workflows and application requirements.
  • Address issues like high bandwidth, low latency, power efficiency, virtualisation, scalability, reliability, security, etc.

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