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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
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EuroHPC Federation Platform

The objective of this call for tender is to deploy and operate a platform for federating European resources including HPC, quantum computing and data management resources.


Publication date
6 October 2023
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
8 December 2023, 17:00 (CET)


EuroHPC JU aims to develop, deploy, maintain, and extend in the European Union a world leading federated and secure supercomputing, quantum computing service and connection to the data infrastructure ecosystem such as federated data spaces and data lakes.

The purpose of this call is to select the economic operator for the delivery, installation and further development of a federation platform across EuroHPC JU owned supercomputers including quantum computers as well as for the provision of training and the support and maintenance of the platform. The federation platform and the related data bases will be owned by EuroHPC JU.

The procurement aims at:

  • Providing federated access to High Performance Computing-based infrastructures and services to a wide range of users from the research and scientific community, as well as the industry including SMEs, and the public sector, for new and emerging data and compute-intensive applications and services;
  • Fostering science and engineering applications in Europe‚Äôs HPC infrastructure by providing federated and secure access to supercomputing resources;
  • Fostering the federated and secure use of supercomputers primarily for research and innovation purposes falling under public funding programmes that shall be open to users from the public and private sectors and shall have an exclusive focus on civil applications.

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6 OCTOBER 2023
Call Document - EUROHPC/2023/CD/0003
6 OCTOBER 2023
Technical Specifications- EUROHPC/2023/CD/0003