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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

ENTRAIN-turbulENT boundary layers with pRessure grAdients over acoustic lINers

Allocated Resources (in node hours)
Meluxina GPU
System Partition
7 July 2023 - 6 July 2024
Allocation Period

The project aims to investigate the aerodynamic performance of acoustic liners interacting with non-zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers.

Acoustic liners are necessary for reducing aircraft noise. However, they present a permeable surface to the incoming flow and have been associated with increased drag. The PI has been working on this topic for more than two years and, with the aid of PRACE and EuroHPC resources, has performed unprecedented simulations of fully resolved acoustic liner simulations that have aided in a better understanding of the flow around such permeable surfaces and in developing a theory to correlate flow features to the corresponding drag increase, establishing criteria that can aid more optimum designs.

In operating conditions, acoustic liners are subject to large pressure gradients, both favourable and adverse, as they are positioned inside nozzles and air intakes, where the flow is accelerating and decelerating, respectively. We request computational resources to study how acoustic liners behave under these streamwise pressure gradients. The project results will help evaluate how well current theories of turbulent flow over acoustic liners translate to different flow conditions and develop an understanding that can aid optimum designs over the entire range of its operation.