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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)
Awarded Resources (in core hours)
System Partition
8 March 2023 - 7 March 2024
Allocation Period

The safe disposal of high-level radioactive wastes arising from nuclear power generation requires that the waste is isolated from the geo-/biosphere for extended timescales, in order to protect humans and the environment against ionising radiation.

Deep geological disposal is widely agreed to be the best solution for final disposal of the most radioactive waste produced. Groundwater modelling has been done in Olkiluoto (Finland) site for the final disposal of nuclear waste for four decades.

The advancements in information technology provide opportunities for ever more realistic modelling, allowing analysing the evolution of groundwater chemistry caused by repository construction, geological and climatic changes. It is proposed to integrate all the modelling knowledge developed along the years in a holistic numerical model to simulate the hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical evolution of Olkiluoto in the past, present and future.

The model will include several large-scale hydrological and geochemical processes that have never before been simulated simultaneously, and that is not possible to achieve without HPC resources. Using HPC will strengthen Posiva's expertise in research and design of final disposal of spent nuclear fuel (what kind of repository facilities and engineered barriers are optimal for the long-term safety), while opening up new business opportunities.