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The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU)

LatticeQCD with C* Boundary Conditions

Awarded Resources (in core hours)
System Partition
8 March 2023 - 7 March 2024
Allocation Period

This project is part of a long-term research program aiming at calculating isospin-breaking and electromagnetic corrections in hadronic quantities from first principles in lattice QCD+QED.

We propose the generation of one QCD gauge ensemble in the isospin symmetric limit, with a lattice spacing of about 0.05 fm, a pion mass mpi of about 300 MeV, a spatial extent L with L*mpi ~ 4.9, and C* boundary conditions in all spatial directions.

On this ensemble, we will calculate a number of standard observables, i.e. Wilson flow observables, meson masses and some reweighting factors.

In future projects, we will use these configurations to calculate isospin-breaking corrections to a variety of observables by means of the so-called RM123 method, which is nothing but a perturbative expansion in the electromagnetic coupling. We apply for a total of 58M core-hours.