Access to our supercomputers

Access Policy

You can find the full details of our access policy here.


How can I gain access to computation time on EuroHPC machines? 

You will need to apply to one of the open access calls that EuroHPC provides. The list of available calls can be found here


Where can I find information on the calls? 

Our current calls can be found on our website here


What countries are eligible for access to EuroHPC JU machines? 

Organisations from participating states are eligible for access to EuroHPC JU machines. You can find the list of participating states here


What organisations are eligible for access to EuroHPC JU machines? 

Any European organisation is eligible for access to perform Open Science research (the results of the work are made available for open access). This includes public and private academic and research institutions, public sector organisations, industrial enterprises and SMEs. 


What documents are required for access? 

Interested entities will need to apply for access in the context of one of EuroHPC call for system access. The applications are subject to review based on specific conditions set by each call. The types of documents and the information required per access type are available here


What is the cost? 

Currently access is free of charge. 


What are the participation conditions? 

Participation conditions depend on the specific access call that a research group has applied. In general users of EuroHPC systems commit to: 

  • acknowledge the use of the resources in their related publications, 

  • contribute to dissemination events, 

  • produce and submit a report after completion of a resource allocation, 

More information on participation conditions can be found here


Can citizens of non-participatory states gain access? 

Access (to the EuroHPC JU pre-exascale and petascale systems) should be granted to users established in the Union or a country associated to Horizon 2020


Are UK institutions eligible for access? 

In conformity with the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, the UK and persons or entities established in the UK continue to be eligible to receive Union funds under actions carried out in direct, indirect or shared management, which implement Union programmes and activities committed under the MFF 2014-2020 until the closure of those Union programmes and activities. This includes Horizon 2020 actions. When restrictions apply, these will be clearly specified in the call for proposals. Since the current EuroHPC supercomputers are funded by the H2020 programme UK beneficiaries are indeed eligible to apply to access them. 


Is there a mechanism for NCCs to gain access to resources or go through process in order to gain experience with it? 

There is currently no special mechanism that will allow NCCs access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers. 


Can an EU project with large demand for compute time apply through a special mechanism and possibly distribute compute time internally among partners? 

Currently no privileged access is foreseen.